Welcome to our artisan showcase, featuring exceptional talents we collaborate with at Noor Collection. These master creators share our passion for creativity and commitment to preserving the beauty of handcrafts. Explore their captivating stories and unique creations that embody timeless beauty and dedication to their craft.


Myoshu Wataru : Elevating Pottery to Timeless Artistery

Step into the captivating world of Myoshu Wataru, a master artisan hailing from the serene town of Kameoka in Japan. With over 25 years of dedicated craftsmanship, Myoshu's journey as a potter has been a harmonious blend of passion, skill, and profound inspiration.

In the heart of Kameoka, where skilled artisans thrive, Myoshu Wataru found his calling in ceramics at the age of 4. From that moment on, he embarked on a remarkable journey of honing his skills.

What sets Myoshu apart is his deep-rooted connection to the enduring materials that have withstood the test of time. Drawing inspiration from ancient buildings and the allure of Roman glass, his vases exude a profound sense of history and tranquility.

At the core of Myoshu's artistry lies a profound research into the language of art. Each intricate detail of his vases reflects his passion for the interplay of time and space, creating a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and emotions.

Distinguished by his dedication to utilizing only natural clay soils without a glass coating, Myoshu's vases absorb water and gracefully invite the colors and textures to evolve over time. Embodying the very essence of wabi-sabi.

Noor Collection has recognized the rare brilliance of Wataru Myoshu's work. His devotion to the hand-made process and his deep connection to the materials celebrate handcraft that exudes grace and timeless beauty.

Every curve, texture, and hue tell a unique story of antiquity and elegance, where vases become vessels of emotions and narratives, crafted with passion. Inspired by nature's allure, his journey as a potter is a testament to the enduring appeal of handcrafted art.


Ana Tafur: A Trailblazer in Ethical Handcraft

Born and raised in Colombia, Ana Tafur began her career in fashion design when she graduated from the IADE design school. Her artistic sense and inquisitive mind led her to Madrid, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of the fashion industry. However, it was during her stay in Shanghai, when working with a variety of fashion brands, that she had a real eye-opener.

Living and working in China exposed Ana to the mass production processes prevalent in the fashion industry. Deeply moved by the environmental and social implications of fast fashion, Ana found herself contemplating a new direction. 

Her travels around Southeast Asia and Latin America exposed her to the richness of traditional handcrafts and the beauty of ancestral techniques. Intrigued by the art of handcrafts, she realized the importance of preserving cultural heritage and empowering local artisans. With a research for eco-friendly processes, Ana began exploring renewable resources and ancestral techniques, aiming to merge tradition with innovation. This led her to create Saké.

Saké stands out for its commitment to rescuing ancient techniques and using sustainable processes. Ana's designs are not only unique but also meaningful. Each piece is crafted by hand, making them practically one-of-a-kind and reflecting the essence of artisanal mastery.

Ana collaborates with different Indigenous communities across Peru, such as Ayacucho, Valle Sagrado and Cajamarquilla, where they develop intricate textiles using traditional looms. Additionally, the brand sources authentic treasures from various parts of the world, including Xingjian, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the Philippines. These partnerships not only celebrate cultural diversity but also promote economic growth within these communities.

Ana's talent lies in reviving ancient handcrafting techniques and integrating them into contemporary designs.Through her relentless research, she has developed eco-formulas for sustainable materials, embracing natural dyes, vegetable-tanned leathers, and bio-textiles from the Shiringa wild rubber tree and the Amazonian Paiche fish.These elements form the essence of her vision, creating fashion that harmonizes with nature and cultural heritage.

Noor Collection recognized Ana Tafur's remarkable vision and dedication to ethical fashion. Ana's journey from fashion enthusiast to a trailblazer in ethical handcrafts demonstrates the transformative power of passion and purpose. Her dedication to preserving cultural heritage, empowering local communities, and embracing sustainable practices makes her a standout figure in the world of handcrafts.


Jerome Badiou: The Visionary of Avant-Garde Steampunk Craft

Hailing from Poitiers, France, Jerome Badiou is a true visionary in the world of avant-garde steampunk fashion. Since 2011, he has been making waves as an independent handcraft designer, crafting mesmerizing wearable artworks that captivate the imagination.

Jerome's artistic journey reads like an enchanting series of expeditions, spanning from tranquil ateliers in Nepal to remote mines in Australia. However, it is in Bali where he discovered his ultimate creative haven and established his atelier. The lush island, with its vibrant culture and natural beauty, serves as an abundant source of inspiration for crafting his distinctive pieces.

With an enchanting vision for the language of lines and the poetry of structure, Jerome's designs embody a unique blend of steampunk, avant-garde, and independent fashion. His repertoire ranges from exquisite jewelry and finely crafted leather bags to intricately woven clothing. Each piece reflects unparalleled talent and an enduring dedication to craftsmanship.

Jerome's distinctiveness lies in his unwavering commitment to sourcing rare local materials. He searches out the most exquisite stones, metals and leathers, ensuring that each item he creates carries a captivating story.

At the heart of Jerome's design ethos is Saga, which embodies the perpetual evolution of his art and technique. From conceptualization to engineering the finest details, he is involved in every step of the creative process, resulting in wearable masterpieces.

Recognizing Jerome Badiou's talent and his unique style, Noor Collection chose to collaborate with him to promote the beauty of rare local materials in wearable art. His avant-garde designs resonate with those who seek boundary-pushing handcrafts.


Catherine d'Angeli: the Art of fire

In the world of art, there are creators, and then there are artists who infuse their very essence into their craft. Catherine d'Angeli falls into the latter category, a talented potter whose creations resonate with the heart of Corsica, the island where she was born and where her artistic journey truly began.

From her earliest days, Catherine possessed a natural inclination toward creativity. Her childhood was marked by crafting miniature garments for her dolls, a precocious talent that evolved into designing her own wardrobe as a teenager. While her professional path eventually led her to the corporate world on the French Riviera, her heart remained steadfast in its pursuit of artistic expression.

Yet, the subtle presence of pottery always lingered in her life, patiently awaiting its time. In 2003, Catherine undertook a year of training at "Arts du Feu ». This marked a defining juncture that set her on the path of artisanal craftsmanship and developing her talent.

In 2007, Catherine made the decision to return to her native Corsican village Santa Reparata di Balagna. It was here, in this serene and spacious environment, that Atelier Codolina was born. The tranquility of Corsica, with its panoramic vistas and untamed beauty, became the canvas upon which her artistic journey unfolded.

Catherine's specialty is Raku pottery, a Japanese firing and smoking technique that requires the utmost care and precision. These "peach-skin" textured pottery pieces bear the marks of their fiery transformation through the Raku process. They exhibit intricate crackling patterns and blackened points, all without enamel. But the journey to create them is meticulous.

Catherine d'Angeli's pottery is more than just ceramics; it's a piece of Corsican heritage. We chose Catherine for her unparalleled mastery of the Raku technique, unwavering passion and patience, and her ability to encapsulate the essence of Corsica in her creations. Her journey from a corporate career to the serene embrace of pottery is a story of authenticity and innovation, one that resonates with the values we hold dear.

Catherine's Raku pottery is a celebration of Corsica, an ode to its beauty. Her connection to the island is profound, and is reflected in her artistry.


Fabien Cazorla: Mastering the Art of Corsican Knife Making

With a profound dedication to the timeless art of knife making, Fabien Cazorla's journey is a testimony to passion, skill, and an unwavering connection to Corsican traditions.

Fabien's journey into the world of knife crafting began during his formative years as a shepherd in Corsica. His passion for knife making was born from a deep connection to the island's rugged beauty and pastoral lifestyle. It was here that he discovered his talent for meticulously fashioning knife handles using the horns of his goats and rams.

To refine his skills, Fabien sought apprenticeship under seasoned blacksmiths and pursued specialized training. These experiences not only nurtured his talent but also deepened his understanding of the traditional methods that define Corsican knife craftsmanship.

Fabien specializes in crafting authentic Corsican knives, including the famous local « Curniciullu », the shepherd knives. These knives are more than just tools, they are symbols of Corsican heritage , meticously handcrafted to honor the island's traditions.

What truly sets Fabien's work apart is the unique character infused into each knife. Each blade carries a distinct personality, making it not just a practical tool but also a work of art. Fabien takes pride in offering a lifetime guarantee for his creations, reflecting his commitment to enduring quality.

Beyond his craft, Fabien embodies the Corsican spirit through his love for the island's natural beauty, traditions, and the organic materials he transforms. He is not only a master cutler but also a musician, crafting traditional Corsican instruments like the pirule and pivana - reed and horn flutes. His connection with nature and horsemanship further solidify his Corsican identity.

Fabien's workshop is a testament to Corsica's knife-making tradition. Whether it's shepherd's knives, fixed blades, folding designs, or personalized creations, Fabien crafts them all by hand. With unwavering commitment, artisanal talent, and deep respect for tradition, each knife narrates Corsica's heritage and reflects the enduring quality of his craft.