Ana Tafur: A Trailblazer in Ethical Handcraft

Born and raised in Colombia, Ana Tafur began her career in fashion design when she graduated from  IADE design school. Her artistic sense and inquisitive mind led her to Madrid, where she immersed herself in the intricacies of the fashion industry. However, it was during her stay in Shanghai, when working with a variety of fashion brands, that she had a real eye-opener.

Living and working in China exposed Ana to the mass production processes prevalent in the fashion industry. Deeply moved by the environmental and social implications of fast fashion, Ana found herself contemplating a new direction. Her travels around Southeast Asia and Latin America exposed her to the richness of traditional handcrafts and the beauty of ancestral techniques. She realized the importance of preserving cultural heritage and empowering local artisans. Ana began exploring renewable resources, aiming to merge tradition with innovation. This led her to create her brand Saké.

Ana reflects, “I was deeply involved in mass production in Vietnam, Bangladesh, and China. It drove me to something more intimate and locally-rooted, which led me to Peru. “

Ana collaborates with different Indigenous communities across Peru, such as Ayacucho, Valle Sagrado and Cajamarquilla. Together, they craft intricate textiles on traditional looms. Each piece designed by Ana is crafted by hand, making them one-of-a-kind and reflecting the essence of artisanal Peruvian mastery. These partnerships not only celebrate cultural diversity but also promote local economic growth.

Ana's talent lies in rejuvenating ancient crafts, weaving them into modern aesthetics. Her research has sprouted sustainable innovations—using natural dyes, vegetable-tanned leathers, and eco-friendly textiles from resources like the Shiringa rubber tree and Amazonian Paiche fish.

Noor Collection recognized Ana Tafur's remarkable vision and dedication to ethical fashion. Ana's journey from fashion enthusiast to a trailblazer in ethical handcrafts demonstrates the transformative power of passion and purpose. Her dedication to preserving cultural heritage, empowering local communities, and embracing sustainable practices makes her a standout figure in the world of handcraft.