Catherine d'Angeli: the Art of Corsican Fire

In the world of art, there are creators, and then there are artists who infuse their very essence into their craft. Catherine d'Angeli falls into the latter category, a talented potter whose creations resonate with the heart of Corsica, the island where she was born and where her artistic journey truly began.

From her earliest days, Catherine possessed a natural inclination toward creativity. Her childhood was marked by crafting miniature garments for her dolls, a precocious talent that evolved into designing her own wardrobe as a teenager. While her professional path eventually led her to the corporate world on the French Riviera, her heart remained steadfast in its pursuit of artistic expression.

Yet, the subtle presence of pottery always lingered in her life, patiently awaiting its time. In 2003, Catherine undertook a year of training at "Arts du Feu ». This marked a defining juncture that set her on the path of artisanal craftsmanship and developing her talent.

In 2007, Catherine made the decision to return to her native Corsican village Santa Reparata di Balagna. It was here, in this serene and spacious environment, that Atelier Codolina was born. The tranquility of Corsica, with its panoramic vistas and untamed beauty, became the canvas upon which her artistic journey unfolded.

Catherine's specialty is Raku pottery, a Japanese firing and smoking technique that requires the utmost care and precision. These "peach-skin" textured pottery pieces bear the marks of their fiery transformation through the Raku process. They exhibit intricate crackling patterns and blackened points, all without enamel. But the journey to create them is meticulous.

Catherine d'Angeli's pottery is more than just ceramics; it's a piece of Corsican heritage. We chose Catherine for her unparalleled mastery of the Raku technique, unwavering passion and patience, and her ability to encapsulate the essence of Corsica in her creations. Her journey from a corporate career to the serene embrace of pottery is a story of authenticity and innovation, one that resonates with the values we hold dear.

Catherine's Raku pottery is a celebration of Corsica, an ode to its beauty. Her connection to the island is profound, and is reflected in her artistry.