Fabien Cazorla: Mastering the Art of Corsican Knife Making

Fabien Cazorla's journey began in Corsica as a shepherd. But when a local disease claimed his sheep and left him with little money, he faced a crucial decision: to create knives using the horns of his deceased goats and rams. This decision marked the birth of his passion for knife making.

To refine his skills, Fabien sought apprenticeship under seasoned blacksmiths and pursued specialized training. These experiences not only nurtured his talent but also deepened his understanding of the traditional methods that define Corsican knife making.

Today, Fabien specializes in crafting authentic Corsican knives, including the famous local « Curniciullu », the shepherd knives. These knives are more than just tools, they are symbols of Corsican heritage, meticously handcrafted to honor the island's traditions.

What sets Fabien apart is the unique personality he instills in each knife — a blend of practicality and artistry. He stands by the enduring quality of his creations, offering a lifetime guarantee. From shepherd's knives to custom designs, each blade is handcrafted with unmatched commitment.

With a profound dedication to the art of knife making, Fabien Cazorla's journey is a testimony to passion, skill, and an unwavering connection to Corsican traditions.